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Establish Local Network Connections

President Vladimir Putin He told me how the U.S. supported terrorists in Chechnya. According to the Russian leader, he discussed the situation with the former American President. George Bush Jr.♪ There was a documentary in the United States on Monday. Oliver Stone "Interview with Putin."

In Chechnya, Russia first faced a problem such as the online war that had taken place since 1996 and was still continuing. Chechnya is an indicative example of a real online war. The whole Chechen situation demonstrates a typical online approach: Americans use very diverse and seemingly unconnected power centres in their interests.

Network wars do not override geopolitical models. During the Chechen network operation, the geopolitical strategy of encroaching Eurasia on what is defined as the " Anaconda ring " continues. Chechnya is at the centre of the Russian exit to the South and the strip of the American sanitary Cordon, which passes through the Caucasus from Europe to China.

To get Russia to the warm seas, there is the shortest way through Iran. This is the path of a small Caucasus crossroads that impedes the South in Azerbaijan and Georgia. But it's very delicate. The U.S. mission is to increase it by severing Russia from Iran, overreacting the vertical geopolitical axis of Moscow-Tegeran. This strategy is being implemented through a network operation in the Caucasus centred on Chechnya.

Several Force Centres have been connected simultaneously to the Chechen network campaign. First, the English are included in this history, which, at the end of the nineteenth to the beginning of the twentieth century, when Grozny was considered the second oil production centre after Baku, became part of a project for the development of Caucasus oil. Already, the English invested a lot of money in the Caucasus oil, spent a lot of effort, resources, time and energy on the project.

And now, after Soviet nationalization, and then the collapse of the USSR itself, the Americans again remind England of its interests in the Caucasus. The English are connected to a network operation by Americans from their own pragmatic considerations in order to recover the lost, restore the financial and economic influence, obtain contracts, purchase the newly relentless oil industry. Americans need English money back on Caucasus.