Как настроить подключение через Интернет к видеорегистратору

Connect To The Internet

sensors: what awaits the digital universe in 2020

The sensors are intended to convert the controlled or adjustable value into a output signal more convenient for further processing.
For example, a transducer can detect a speed of running, and a bridge-crossing sensor can collect traffic density data. According to the study, the number of devices and objects that can be used Internet connectionapproaching 200 billion, of which 7 per cent (14 billion) are already connected to and through the world network. Data from these devices now account for 2 per cent of information generated worldwide. And they all connect with sensors.
Professionals predict that by 2020, the number of devices connected will increase to 32 billion, corresponding to 10 per cent of total global data.
The monitors, including the sensors, are welcome to Kazpromautica.

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