Как создать домашнюю группу windows 7 домашняя базовая — Юность

How To Establish A Home Group

If you're used to using common folders in Windows, exchange files onlineYou'll be able to keep using it and Windows ter 7. But it's not always convenient, because files in the files have to be copied or moved.
For Windows 7 A more convenient instrument has been created, a home group.

1. For Creation of a family unit Open the menu of the launch and, in the search line, call the Dome Group. It's another Windows web advantage. 7 - You can look for programmes, management elements and everything that has to do with the construction straight from the PUSC menu. By default, you'd have to choose. "Panel of Control." - "Set and Internet" - "Good band."
2. Pick up the "Good Group."
3. Since the network has not yet set up a home team, press the button."Create a home group"
4. After that, you will be offered the choice of elements to which you would like to provide general access. All these elements are libraries. By default, it'll be "Kartinki," "Music," "Documents," "Video" and "Printers," if you have a printer. Provide other members of the domestic group with access to Music and the Cartinas.
5. After selecting the elements you want access, you will see the password you will have to inform other members of the domestic group.
6. After that, you may at any time alter the elements to which access has been granted.
7. Also, after the creation of a domestic group, you can change certain parameters concerning the general access to files and folders in the Dome Group window.
8. If there's a computer on the network with Windows operating system G-7, it's likely that the home team will be established and you'll just have to join it. In order to do this, just inject the password that was given by the founder of the Home Group.
9. Once you have established or joined the home team, all common libraries to which participants have provided access will be available in the guide.